The Future of Baseball in Osoyoos

Posted by Osoyoos Minor Baseball Association on Jul 11 2017 at 09:00AM PDT in 2017 Spring

Last week, the Osoyoos Minor Baseball Association submitted a request to Osoyoos Town Council for a permanent park for minor baseball.

We are incredibly excited that the Osoyoos Minor Baseball Program has grown to a point deserving of a dedicated ball park. With the incredible growth and development of our program, we are now in a position to become an ideal host location for a number of large-scale minor baseball tournaments. Well-run and successful tournaments can be a huge economic and recreational win for Osoyoos and our service area. In addition to tournaments, our teams will have access to more competitive summer baseball leagues and camps and as a result of this growth, our baseball players require a baseball-specific park. Our baseball players are local kids aged 5-13+, many of which do not play other organized team sports and have fallen in love with the game of baseball. It is for this reason, along with many others that we approached Council to consider our request for a bona fide baseball park.

In our request for a ball park, we also submitted a request to the Town to consider the upgrading of our Town’s off-leash dog facilities. In this request it was submitted that Kinsmen Park be upgraded to support a beautiful, full-service and comprehensive off-leash facility. This park already has full service washrooms, shaded picnic and playground areas, full fencing and best of all, it is located within the town core. The only infrastructure needed would be a new single run of fence and double gate to contain the off-leash area of the park. This new location would become a family friendly, social hub for Osoyoos, accessible to visitors and residents alike and within walking distance of most Osoyoos residents. The park would become a destination, not just for dog-walkers, but for families as well. Being able to take the whole family for a walk to the park, play with the family dog while the kids enjoy the playground and grab an ice cream or refreshment on the way home, could be a reality for everyone. For those that still wish to drive, parking is excellent, but it’s location would create more sidewalk pedestrian traffic, creating activity in our town businesses, stimulating socialization and encounters with other dog walkers, all at the same time leaving more cars at home, reducing emissions and creating an amazing community social hub. Our residents and our families deserve a facility like this — the minor baseball program would get an all-inclusive ball park without costing the taxpayers, the town would get a phenomenal social and community hub and the dog-owning residents of Osoyoos would get a first-rate, upgraded off-leash facility that could accommodate all their needs and wants.

Please join us in supporting this WIN-WIN initiative for our community and send your support to


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